A discourse on dating from a to z Megal sex chatting web site

She was born in Los Angeles and presently lives in Orange County with her husband, Jeff, and their three cats.

A Discourse on Dating From A to Z is her first novel.

Through the author's eyes, I was able to re-visit some of my life experiences while recognizing the many obstacles of family dynamics and re-discovering true friendships.

Stephanie Melendez, a thirty-year-old divorcee, is thrust onto the dating scene after her husband, Harold Stifniple, leaves her for his secretary, Suzie the Floozy. Follow Stephanie on one zany dating adventure after another from A (Adios) to Z (Z-Right Guy) as she struggles to manage her life as a waitress, a student trying to get ahead, and a single woman dating in Los Angeles.

Right, Josh unseemingly enters her life, and she comes to realize she has finally found Z-Right Guy.

Lisa Pacheco is a third generation native of Southern California.

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Stephanie, enjoying her new single life and seeing through Antonio’s transparent quest to become a citizen, promptly tells him adios.Cat's career as an award-winning novelist has garnered her modicum of fame and ...Magdalena De Luca based her life around one sentence.With the help of her best friends, Shelby, Candy and Lance, Stephanie attempts to make sense of men while she weeds through a string of dating disasters looking for Mr.Right."This book is a must read for every Cosmo girl.*/ var render Promo Details = function(should Show Popover) ; /* CLAIM CODE REDEMPTION Promotion/GC redemption click handler.


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