Aspie women dating

Their IQ’s are typically in the normal to very superior range.

Once resentment and anger builds up, it’s very hard to get past them.Asperger’s Quotient Test The simplest online test, and the one many people will find first, is the fifty-question Asperger’s Quotient (AQ) test, based on Simon Baron-Cohen’s contentious the Extreme Male Brain theory.You can also get the AQ test as an i Phone app, and have loads of fun testing other people.Because of their naivete, those with AS are often viewed by their peers as “odd” and are frequently a target for bullying and teasing.They desire to fit in socially and have friends, but have a great deal of difficulty making effective social connections.Many of them are at risk for developing mood disorders, such as anxiety or depression, especially in adolescence.


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