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Normally, one to three eggs are laid and the incubation will take about 35 days on average.All eyes will be pealed for the first ‘pip’ or breakthrough of the egg shell by the baby inside.These Nest Cams provide unprecedented, high-definition insight into the Bald Eagle nesting process.At the beginning of nesting season, wild Bald Eagles return to their ‘home nest’ and begin ‘nestorations.’ Sticks are brought in to reinforce the nest structure, and soft nesting material is replenished to provide the protective nest “bowl” into which eggs will be laid.Elephant Cams in Expedition Tanzania allow you to watch the active elephants a.m. from home, your office desk, classroom (with teacher permission, of course! You are watching one of the Center's non-releasable education birds. you are watching Maggie, the one-eyed Peregrine Falcon!

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This has been a hugely successful endeavor, and we have welcomed many classrooms with students of all ages.

The design was a conventional biplane flying boat with equal-span unstaggered wings and two engines mounted in a single nacelle in tractor-pusher configuration on struts in the interplane gap.

Accommodation consisted of an open cockpit for two, plus open bow and dorsal gun positions on the reconnaissance machine, or an enclosed cabin for seven passengers on the transport version.

These cameras are live-broadcasting the International Wolf Center’s ambassador wolves. If you don’t spot them, look closely in the background under the trees.

If you still don’t see any check back periodically. You may witness qualified Wolf Care Staff providing daily physical checks and veterinary care as well as maintenance to the enclosure.


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