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He also points out that attitude predominates in China, which he calls “both-and” contrasted with the Western tendency to think in the terms of “either/or” [70, p. The last characteristic requires some explanations. Such a synthetic or syncretic Chinese attitude allows combination of various, apparently different or even contradictory, elements, whereas the Western exclusiveness requires a choice.ogdiana (or Sogd) is a region in Central Asia that was populated by Sogdians, people speaking and writing in an Eastern Iranian language.After 479 BC, it seems that the Great Kings acknowledged the fact that the coast and the Caucasus formed the natural borders of their Empire.The satraps, on the other hand, could not avoid becoming involved in the affairs of the Black Sea region in order to safeguard the frontiers they had established.Could you picture yourself sleeping in a 200-year-old lighthouse on the west Coast of Ireland or maybe you would enjoy a massage in a French chateaux?

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It means that there is the great emphasis as he indicates.

Conclusions have been made as a result of this analysis and determined purpose of criminal proceedings - decision of a legal conflict between the victim and the accused.

Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.

The article «The historical stages of development of legislation on the goals and objectives of the criminal proceedings of Ukraine» describes the rules of law and the provisions of the doctrinal concepts for determining the goals and objectives of criminal justice.

The author has made an analysis of regulations that have been adopted at different historical stages of development.


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