Linksys 1 45 7 not updating dyndns How can i video chatnone on one with women that are at home and horny

Fixed improper wide channel when auto channel select.

Fixed failure to report wireless client statistics.

My NSA3500, plethora of TZ100's and 200's are updateable to that firmware and I have verified that it fixes the issue. they are still on so they do not have a fix out in any form to help those work with Dyn.

I have talked with their chat and phone support and have been told that there is not a update that I can get nor is there a time table for when one will be available.

Hopefully we will see a update for those models that do not have the correct 5.x firmware soon.

Probably should add this to the HG659 NBN Modem info on the NBN compatible modems list.

Dyn put the not yet expired old cert back in place allowing all of us to keep registering. Thankfully, if your TZ or NSA Sonic WALL can run or newer you are in good shape.It has every feature you could possibly need, including caching (not updating unless necessary) and timeouts (updating every 15 days no matter what to keep the account active), etc.Fixes: Version 2.0.02 build 15: Fixed issue with downloaded files size reported.I also have the DSL-AC68U which is the modem/router version of your RT-AC68U.If I can't get my DSL-AC68U to connect directly to the NBN, it is good to know that I can at least get the HG659 to operate in bridge mode.Would you mind posting your set up settings from your 68U.


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