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Organized by founder Ryan Glitch, Sci-Fi Speed Dating has taken the geek romance world by storm by providing venues where like-minded and passionate fans can meet each other and indulge their common – and sometimes not so common! Camera crews followed the Sci-Fi Speed Dating staff around NYCC in October 2011 for a two-part special called .com, among others.

This year, five C2E2 Speed Dating sessions will be held at the convention all of which will be free for C2E2 attendees.

TLC greenlit two half-hour specials that will air next month. Check out the promo below and marvel at the Wookie mating call.

If you’ve been to one of over thirty Comic Cons that happen annually in the United States, you might have found yourself fawning over a buxom Wonder Woman or a lithe Link from across the convention hall.

It is a well-known fact that in giggling groups of two or more, girls in any setting can be intimidating.

This is speed dating, though, so the intimidation factor grows exponentially.

Nerds want to be with other nerds and this is the perfect way to meet your ideal mate!

” Ryan Glitch notes: “This works, whether you’re looking for true love, or new friends …

Cos-players spy each other from across the room and fall in love.“We are all about bringing pop culture fans and self-described nerds together by celebrating our common interests.What better way to extend that concept than by pairing people off? It’s not hard to find people with similar interests in the time of Facebook, Twitter and the wildly popular Comic Con.The service pairs geeks with each other via Ryan Giltch, founder of a service called Sci-Fi Speed Dating.There’s something about sitting across from a masked or disguised stranger that increases both the anxiety and intrigue of speed dating.


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