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Blind items are the gossip world's equivalent of the mathematical puzzles that keep engineers entertained. I'll give him credit: He's as unapologetic about has posted a defense.

She says Cohen "has never used" Asperger's syndrome as an excuse.

On election night, whose online maps did Facebook use? i Pod creator Tony Fadell's departure from Apple: His wife, Danielle Lambert, who works as a VP of human resources at the company, is leaving, too.

A good thing: If she had stayed at Apple, the line that Fadell was leaving to spend more time with his family might not have run true. CNET News reporter Caroline Mc Carthy has Bit Torrent founder Bram Cohen, whose sideline career is in writing horrifyingly violent fiction, approached me at a charity event Tuesday to discuss Valleywag's recent posts about him.

I would have loved to have written a general advice book, but a very wise book publisher, not the one who published me, but one whom I met in the process, said, "Well, Robin, there has never been a general business advice book that men have bought that was written by a woman." That's my point.In addition, we specialize in consumer, healthcare, business-to-business, technology, and consumer technology sectors.Other areas of expertise include: retail, real estate, financial services and non-profit communications.The C: drive contains a folder called Scripts where I store generic scripts that I use regularly I passed the VCAP-DCA exam a few weeks ago.It was a tough exam, like everybody else that has gone through it said, time management is the issue.I am posting this as I had a conversation with a junior sysadmin earlier about this.


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