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After a few scenes with Stewie and the family, the two start to date.

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They hit it off soon after meeting, and after Brian cracks a few lame jokes, Lauren laughs and says that he reminds her of her stepdad.

Conrad said, “It was the most awkward thing ever.”" data-reactid="28"Now that Conrad is older, she’s able to look back on the relationship and the show with some perspective.

Mission Viejo, California, United States of America. The loves, exes and fating of Lauren Conrad, listed by most recent.

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the show, viewers were treated to behind-the-scenes footage as well as an update on Conrad’s life and career.

While discussing her relationship with Jenner, Conrad said, “I definitely had a crush on Brody, but the funny thing was we had zero chemistry.” This was made evident when viewers were treated to some never before seen footage of Jenner trying to kiss Conrad and her clearly not enjoying it.


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